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Attorney Profiles

Meet the Attorneys of the Harris Family Law Group

The Harris Family Law Group prides itself on the expertise and experience of its lawyers. Our lawyers have handled literally hundreds of cases of Family Law Litigation and Mediation, and have worked closely with clients in order to secure a favorable outcome for them. Family Law cases are very sensitive and delicate affairs that require an attorney with the proper attitude and qualities for securing the client’s trust. A good attorney will help the client process their domestic obligations, treat the client with compassion, give proper legal guidance to protect the client’s rights, and guide the client through the sometimes confusing details and technicalities of a court case.

Jeffrey L. Harris has extensive knowledge about the intricacies of Family law. They have dedicated themselves to helping people with Family Law cases: from Divorce to Child Custody, from paternity cases to adoption and surrogacy, from Alimony to Domestic Violence and everything else in between, our attorneys can represent you and forge a partnership with you to help you through the intimidating world of family courts. We believe that we add a necessary human element to the impersonality and cold factuality of legal proceedings because we realize that it is a process that will ultimately affect the lives of two or more people in a very profound way.

Jeffrey L. Harris has served in various legal capacities such as a Law Clerk, the American Bar Association’s Law Student Division Representative, the Director of Student Affairs, and was given a board position of Secretary for the Student Bar Association; as well as Legal Counsel to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM).

Our attorneys are more than well-equipped to handle your family cases. So if you need any Legal Services in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, get in touch with The Harris Family Law Group.

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