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In Need of a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Domestic violence is a serious issue, both personally and legally, and one that our Los Angeles, California domestic violence attorneys take very seriously, as the consequences can result in both physical and emotional injury that can devastate families for years to come.

At the Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer believes in our clients’ rights to operate safely, without fearing a former spouse or significant other each day they wake up.

Although the California domestic violence law is in place to protect you from this criminal behavior in the courtroom, we understand that you may need to enforce it immediately through the issuance of an emergency protective order, and an even lengthier restraining order that will keep you and your family safe from harm.

Domestic Violence Lawyers in Los Angeles

If you have been physically or emotionally injured by another, or even the subject of harassment or intimidation, contact our compassionate and skilled Los Angeles domestic violence attorney today to get the help you need now.

How Can Our Domestic Violence Attorney in CA Help?

Our caring and accomplished domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles, CA provides free consultations to understand the depth of your circumstances fully so he can provide you with the proper guidance you need to move forward. Our confidential conversation will allow us to pursue your abuser and provide you with the justice of being free from his or her terrorizing communication.

Domestic violence is a crime and results in the undeserving pain and suffering that turns families into victims of the overriding circumstances. We want to help you hold your abuser responsible, so you can get the help you need to enjoy life positively without fearing for your physical and mental safety.

Who Can Be Held Responsible for Domestic Violence in CA?

Our California domestic violence law does not discriminate by gender, race, or age, and our experienced Los Angeles domestic violence attorney has witnessed abusive behavior manifest in different ways in people from every walk of life.

As a result, Mr. Harris has dedicated his representation in these cases to provide the best outcome possible for our clients. As an accomplished Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer, he represents both sides of domestic disputes, ensuring the individuals who are harmed by violence receive redemption, and those who are falsely accused of its circumstances get the help they need to clear their names and reputations.

We can help you overcome the challenges domestic violence injects into your life, by holding the offending party criminally responsible for their actions.

At the Harris Family Law Group, our domestic violence attorneys in Los Angeles, CA represent individuals who are the victim or accused in each of the following categories to help bring justice to their lives.

If someone is hurting you physically, mentally, or emotionally, contact our Los Angeles domestic violence law firm today to get the help you need. Do not wait for another incident to take place, as your safety can be in danger as a result.

Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles

Domestic Violence in California Affects Everyone

As a result of his extended experience in the field, our Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer knows that violence affects everyone. It does not simply involve a husband and wife dynamic, but also those who are in intimate relationships no matter their sex or age. It includes violence that occurs in dating and courtship relationships, those who live together — or once lived together — between former spouses and same-sex couples.

Everyone deserves the right to be happy and to enjoy their life without looking over their shoulder or being intimidated by harassing phone calls or run-ins while they are in public, at work, or enjoying time with others.

Domestic violence in any capacity is a crime and should be presented as such to the courts. Allow our compassionate domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles to hear your case, so he can represent you with skill and commitment while holding the abusive party responsible for their behavior.

If you have been the target of harassing or intimidating behavior or the subject of physical or emotional abuse, get the help you need today. One domestic violence incident is too many and putting a stop to your abuser’s behavior is of the utmost importance in keeping you and your family safe from harm.

Contact Our Los Angeles Domestic Violence Attorney at The Harris Family Law Group Today

If you have been physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially, or sexually assaulted by an intimate partner, contact our Los Angeles domestic violence attorney at the Harris Family Law Group today by calling (310) 745-8644 to get the help you need to get your life back.

Our Los Angeles domestic violence law firm is designed to provide solutions by providing our clients with flat rate fees, so they never have to worry about billable hours mounting up during their case. We use our time to effectively drive results for our clients because domestic violence cases CANNOT wait. Call us now to schedule a free consultation with our skilled and compassionate domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles, CA, so you can begin taking confident steps into the future.

If you are involved in a domestic violence emergency, contact 911 for help now. If you are affected by abuse, logon to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, call 310-745-8644 or text LOVEIS to 22522 if you cannot speak safely or log on to the website. Someone is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions for our Los Angeles Domestic Violence Lawyers

Men, women, bisexual individuals, and anyone in our LBGTQ community can become entrenched in domestic violence, and it often happens without warning. Although there are signs that including an abuser’s insistence that their partners spend less time with family and friends, or that they become extremely jealous or controlling, there is no easy way to spot an abusive partner, which leaves all humans vulnerable to these circumstances.

The most obvious signs of domestic violence are bruises, broken bones, and signs of physical attacks, which can include black eyes or deep scratches.

Emotional abuse, which can include stalking, harassment, controlling, jealousy, or excessive and possessive behavior are also signs of domestic violence.

Another warning sign is isolation, which requires the abused to become separated from their support system, so they can be easily manipulated by their abusers.

Domestic violence is complex and can become physically paralyzing, leaving the abused in a very difficult position. Remember, when someone is being physically, emotionally, or psychologically abused, they stay in the relationship because they are terrified of what will happen if they leave. Will the abuser hurt them worse? Hurt the children? Most abuse victims may feel cut off from any social support or resources, which makes them feel as if there is nowhere to go. If you know someone who is being intimidated or abused to the point they are afraid to leave, maintain that you are there to help, so they have somewhere to turn.

Yes. There are both criminal and civil proceedings that will allow you to hold your abuser accountable for their actions. Contact our experienced domestic violence lawyers in Los Angeles County today to learn how we can help you get justice and move forward without being afraid.

In California, domestic violence is a broad term that encompasses various acts of abuse committed against individuals in specific relationships. It includes physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, threats, stalking, and other behaviors intended to exert power and control over a domestic partner. This kind of abuse could come from a spouse, people you live with, someone you are dating, someone you have a child with, or someone you have a close relationship with.

Yes, you can seek legal help after the first occurrence of domestic violence. It is important to prioritize your safety and well-being.

The steps you should consider if you are in an abusive relationship are:
• Reach out for support – contact a domestic violence hotline
• Develop a safety plan
• Speak with a therapist if possible
• Contact a Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer
• Gather evidence for your case
• Reach out for support from friends and family

Yes, you can still make a case and seek legal help even if your abuser doesn’t have a documented history of violence. The absence of a prior history of violence does not invalidate your experience or the potential danger you may be facing. It’s important to remember that domestic violence cases are assessed based on the specific circumstances and evidence presented.

Protecting your children from an abusive relationship is a priority. The best thing you can do is get yourself and your children out of that situation. That is easier said than done, but getting emotional support and legal guidance. If you are not in a position to do this quickly, you can always reach out to your family to see if they’d be willing to watch your children while you get an exit plan for yourself.

Filing a domestic violence lawsuit does not have to ruin your life as the victim. It is a proactive step toward protecting yourself and asserting your rights. While it can be challenging and emotionally taxing, seeking legal recourse can help you break free from the cycle of abuse and create a safer future.