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In Need Of A Child Support Attorney?

Hiring a child support attorney in Los Angeles, CA is an important step in providing for the welfare of your children, which is why the Los Angeles child support lawyer at Harris Family Law Group issues personal attention to each case he represents, to ensure you are getting the best legal guidance possible in this important area.

At Harris Family Law Group, we are committed to helping parents maintain a positive financial position that allows their children to thrive. Whether the requirement for child support is the result of a divorce, from designating the paternity of the father, or simply because your child’s needs and circumstances have changed, our devoted and compassionate attorney is here to help you recover the financial assistance you need. Our family law firm in Los Angeles, CA digs deeper than the minimum support the state promises to recover.

Child Support Lawyer in Los Angeles

Our Child Support Attorney in Los Angeles, CA works hard to secure the financial recovery your child needs to prosper fully, and not just get by minimally. It is our opinion that children need all of the support they can get from both parents, including the financial stability that will allow them to live their dreams without worrying about financial hardships.

Your Child’s Financial Security: Our Priority in Los Angeles, CA

At Harris Family Law Group, our dedicated family law attorney in Los Angeles, CA maintains California’s public policy that both parents contribute financially to their children’s well-being. The courts believe in interpreting income in a very broad manner, as does our Los Angeles child support attorney. This means we will consider more than income, but expand our research into sources of underlying perks, real estate holdings, and small business interests.

Your child deserves the best life possible, and financially supporting him or her is a large part of their livelihood. For this reason, our experienced and skilled Los Angeles child support lawyer will explore every option of the other parent’s financial standing for consideration, including:

Work-Related Income & “Perks”

  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Self-Employment Earnings
  • Tips
  • Unemployment Benefits
  • Wages
  • Worker’s Compensation

Investment Income

  • Dividends
  • Interest
  • Rental Income
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Disability
  • Pensions
  • Social Security

Child Support Attorney Los Angeles

Mr. Harris is an experienced Los Angeles child support lawyer who will leave no financial resource untapped when it comes to providing for your child. Call him today to find out how he can help you procure the necessary child support payments you and the child deserve.

Our California Family Law Firm Also Focuses on the Following Practice Areas:

Serving the Best Interests of the Children in CA

Our child support attorney in Los Angeles is committed to serving the best interests of the children in our community. It is not easy to be raised in a single-parent household, and helping provide the resources the children need to live happy and full lives means success.

Even if we did not handle your divorce or paternity case, Mr. Harris will be more than happy to review your previous cases before providing the best representation possible when seeking child support on your behalf. In fact, if you have previously petitioned the court for child support in Los Angeles, CA, and are requesting a modification of that judgment, our attorney can provide the resources you need to successfully present your case to a family law judge.

Our efficient, caring, and esteemed Los Angeles child support lawyer at the Harris Family Law Group has the experience necessary to provide your case with an advanced ruling that will help you rest easy at night knowing your child will be provided for financially, so you can focus on the emotional support he or she needs to thrive.

Contact Our Child Support Attorney in Los Angeles, CA For A Free Consultation

Providing free consultations to the primary caregiver of the child — whether it is the mother or father — our Los Angeles child support lawyers will help you understand exactly how to interpret the Law in California. The goal is to provide the best possible lifestyle for your children, and we know that may seem financially impossible to do alone. We will investigate the other parent’s financial standing, and present a case to the family court that allows you to receive an equitable percentage of their income.

If you are currently raising your child without the financial help of his or her other parent, it is time to end the struggle and pursue the other party for the help you need in successfully providing for your children. Contact our Los Angeles child support lawyer today at 310-745-8644 to understand how he can help you be successful in your bid to provide the best life possible for your child.

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Frequently Asked Questions For Child Support In Los Angeles

Child support in California is a court-ordered payment made by one parent to the other parent for the benefit of the child or children.

Child support is calculated based on the parents’ income, the amount of time each parent spends with the child, and certain other factors.

Yes, child support can be modified in California if there has been a significant change in circumstances, such as a change in income or a change in custody.

Child support can be terminated when the child reaches the age of majority, or earlier if the child becomes emancipated.

Yes, child support can be enforced through various methods, including wage garnishment, liens, and contempt of court proceedings.

Child support in California can be retroactive to the date of the initial filing, but not before.

In California, child support cannot be waived, as it is considered the right of the child.

Child support typically lasts until the child reaches the age of 18, or 19 if the child is still in high school.

No, child support payments in California must be made to the other parent or to the state child support agency.

Yes, child support can be modified in California if there has been a significant change in the non-custodial parent’s financial situation, such as a change in income or assets.