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Family Law Attorneys in Manhattan Beach, California

Do You Need A Manhattan Beach Family Law Lawyer?

At the Harris Family Law Group, our experienced family law attorneys in Manhattan Beach provide skilled legal representation for just over 35,000 residents, so they know they have somewhere to turn when they have questions about marriage, divorce, child custody, and financial issues.

Our Los Angeles County family lawyer, Jeffery L. Harris, takes pride in providing the resources our clients need to make informed decisions about their family’s future, and act as advocates who encourage them to stand on their own to build a new life that fits their unique needs.

Our skilled Manhattan Beach family law attorneys provide free case evaluations to answer each of your questions and address your concerns, so you can move forward with confidence.

Practice Areas for our Family Law Attorneys in Manhattan Beach, California at the Harris Family Law Group

Our skilled family law attorneys in Manhattan Beach, California know that there are just over 14,000 households in our city, and over half of 54% of those homes have married couples living inside. Another 4,735 of those homes or nearly 34% have children under the age of 18 living in them, which makes us a family-focused seaside community.

As time goes by, our residents may have many questions about life-changing circumstances, which is what our family law attorneys specialize in providing the appropriate solutions for, based on each of our client’s unique needs.

Our Manhattan Beach family law attorneys represent clients in the following practice areas:

Each of these legal needs can cause significant stress and seemingly insurmountable anxiety on their own. With an experienced Manhattan Beach family law attorney by your side, answers and solutions come to a lot quicker when you understand your legal rights and options to move forward.

We can help empower you to make informed decisions with confidence, starting with a free case assessment today.

Can I End My California Marriage if My Spouse Does Not Want to Get Divorced?

It is not uncommon for one spouse in the marriage to be the one who decides they want to get divorced while the other wants to stay together.

And while there are countless reasons someone seeks a divorce, none of them matter in the state of California, since we are a no-fault divorce state. That means one spouse does not have to prove the other did something wrong to dissolve their marriage. They must simply state that they can no longer get along, or what is technically referred to as irreconcilable differences.

Further, both spouses do not need to agree to end the marriage.

One spouse can decide to end the marriage, and the other cannot simply stop or avoid the process by not participating, as the divorce can be finalized as a default judgment.

Typically, it will not matter who files for divorce first, as the court does not give preference to the filer or a disadvantage to the respondent.

The more important details of your divorce are in the planning — not the speed at which you file.

What Steps Should I Take Before Filing for Divorce in Manhattan Beach, California?

All marriages come with challenges that are typically met with an objective approach to keeping the family together. Differences, arguments, and feelings of incompatibility are all common components of marriage that make spouses question who they are — even if only while a fight is underway.

Many areas of miscommunication can be worked out with a couples’ counselor, therapist, or another professional, but when they cannot, divorce is the likely next step.

Before the word is mentioned in any capacity, we recommend that all spouses pause, take a deep breath, and determine if this is what they really want. Throwing around the word divorce is not a healthy way to end an argument. If you have both truly done all you can or all you are willing to do it is time to get your affairs in order to have a serious conversation about ending your marriage.

Here is where you can start.

Outline Your Finances

Understanding how your financial life is going to look after a divorce is empowering, which is why we encourage our clients to fully outline their assets and debts — including each credit card and bank account, mortgage and property ownership, and pension or retirement accounts.

This will give you a clear look at what you own together and separately, which may help you make informed decisions about the overall divorce process.

Determine Who is Going to Live Where

Ask yourself a series of questions about where you see yourself during the divorce process. Can you afford to keep the marital home? Will the other spouse want it? While you are outlining your finances, you may get a clearer picture of what you can afford and what will make sense going forward.

Are There Minor Children in Your Home?

Kids are going to make a huge difference in your divorce decision-making process and may help drive the “who gets the house” conversation.

Our California family courts will want both parents to be involved in their children’s lives, which is something you and your spouse can decide if you can decide on your own, without the court’s interference alone or during mediation.

Meet with an Experienced Manhattan Beach Divorce Attorney

The sooner you can meet with a family lawyer in Manhattan Beach at the Harris Family Law Group, the earlier you will understand exactly what your divorce will look like, including what makes sense from a financial standpoint, so you can make informed decisions about having this important conversation with your spouse and children, when applicable.

Our Manhattan Beach divorce attorneys make things easier for our clients by charging easy-to-understand flat rates, so they do not have to worry about excessive billing hours or a surprise bill at the end of the process. We simply provide the rate you will pay for our representation upfront, so you can manage your divorce without the additional stress of the expense.  

If you have questions about divorce, child custody, and financial support, contact our experienced Manhattan Beach family law attorney at the Harris Family Law Group today by calling (310) 745-8644 to get the help you need to move forward with confidence.

Frequently Asked Question for Family Law in Manhattan Beach, California

Can my ex give up their right to child custody or child visitation?

Giving up your right to child custody and child visitation would be giving up your parental rights. The state of California very rarely allows parents to terminate your parental rights. It is also not often that a court will order no visitation from one parent because it typically is in the best interest of the child to have a relationship with both. Your ex can stop having the visitation, and if your ex does stop seeing your child on the designated times they have been allotted, and the best thing you can do is document it. You then may go get your child custody arrangement modified.

If my ex is in jail, how does that affect the child support payments?

In most cases, if the person paying child support is in jail for over 90 days then the child support is suspended. There are three reasons where the child support does not stop temporarily, but aside from those situations, the child support will be stopped for the duration of the jail time. The child support will continue if the person is in jail for domestic violence against the child or the person who gets the child support, if they have the financial ability to pay while in jail, and if they were in jail because they did not pay child support in the first place.

How do you obtain a prenuptial agreement?

To get a prenuptial agreement you first need to reach the agreement with your partner that you want to go through with the idea of a prenuptial agreement. Once you have decided you do want to get this premarital contract you will then hire a Manhattan Beach prenuptial agreement lawyer. The only way to obtain a legally binding and valid prenuptial agreement is with a lawyer.

If my spouse and I both want to get divorced, can we use the same Manhattan Beach attorney?

In the state of California you are going to each need your own divorce attorney. It would also not be in your best interest to have the same attorney represent both of you as it would be a conflict of interest.

Why is my spouse entitled to part of my 401K if they weren’t on the account?

The reason your spouse is entitled to part of your 401K in California, is because it is considered to be community property. In the event of a divorce your spouse is entitled to 50% of the earnings made on the 401K investments from the duration of your marriage.

After a legal separation is any money or property acquired by either spouse still considered community property?

No, any property, money, or assets that were acquired before the marriage are not considered community property. This is the same rule for any property, money, or assets acquired after the date of legal separation. Community property only relates to anything acquired during your marriage and before the legal separation.

How long do you have to be married for to file for divorce?

This is no time frame in which you have to be married for, in order to file for divorce. However, if you were married 10 years or one month the length of the mandatory waiting period stays the same. You will still have to wait six month to get your divorce finalized.

What do you need to be able to file a restraining order?

To get a restraining order in California you will need to have proof that a restraining order is necessary. This could be in the form of threatening text messages, photos of abuse, medical records, and police reports.

If my child lives with me after they turn 18 can I still get child support from my ex?

Your child still living at home with you past 18 is not a reason to have child support extended. Child support can last after a child turns 18 for other reasons. Those being the child is disabled, the child is still in high school, or catching up on unpaid child support from the past.

Can you put in a prenuptial agreement that if my spouse cheats they can’t get any spousal support?

A family lawyer would not advise you to put a cheating or adultery clause in your prenuptial agreement as it would not hold up in court. Since California is an a no fault divorce state, infidelity does not affect a prenuptial agreement or the outcome of the divorce.

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