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In Need Of A Family Law Mediation Attorney?

Mediation is a healthy and practical alternative to sorting out your domestic disputes, without involving a judge who will decide for you, which is why we work tirelessly to provide settlement strategies outside of the courtroom.

At Harris Family Law Group, our dedicated Los Angeles family law mediation attorney provides exceptional alternatives to resolving domestic disputes, whether they are related to divorce, child custody, support, and visitation or other family matters that have caused discontent in your life.

Although mediation is not for everyone, the benefits are substantial and can help both parties save time, money and the court’s involvement in their personal growth. Family mediation is the perfect opportunity to openly discuss the issues at hand while having an impartial mediator record the session and keeping both parties on track during their discussions.

Our experienced and friendly Los Angeles family law mediation lawyer is focused on helping his clients get to the bottom of their disputes, without damaging their relationship. In an effort to find out more about your relationship and the circumstances that surround your need for family law mediation, Mr. Harris provides free consultations to discuss your case in its entirety.

In order to sort out all of the details, comprehensive question and answer sessions will be necessary and will be completely confidential. The goal of mediation is to provide solutions that allow your case to move forward, without any further delay. We can help you get there, without the stress, anxiety, and cost of a court proceeding.

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What is Family Law Mediation in CA?

Easily explained by our accomplished family law mediation attorney in Los Angeles, CA, the basics of this process entail a voluntary approach to resolving a dispute between two or more parties. This dispute can involve the details of a divorce or family matters including child custody and visitation rights.

Each party is armed with relatively equal bargaining power, and are brought together to voice their needs, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions, so a solution will result from the talks — instead of a court deciding on their behalf.

Our Los Angeles Family Law Attorney Also Focuses on the Following Practice Areas:

The benefits of family law mediation include:

  • Decreased Expenses: When issues are resolved without litigation, the process is shortened and streamlined, as are the legal fees.
  • Control of the Process: When you take your family matters into a mediation room, there is no judge that decides what is best for you. It is up to the two parties to maintain control of their circumstances while ending the session with agreeable terms and conditions that they decide for themselves.
  • Amicable Dispute Resolution: Whether is it a divorce or child custody arrangement, mediation allows both individuals to discuss their differences openly, in a collected fashion. This allows the discontent to go by the way side, as they have nothing to prove to anyone else in the room and simply need to come to an agreement. This helps close the session on better terms than a courtroom might afford.
  • Better for the Kids: When you combine to make decisions that are best for your children together, it lessens the amount of time you spend going back and forth in an arguing manner. Since the kids will not be privy to your conversations in during the mediation session, it is possible to walk away with an agreement, while never bringing the subject up around the little ones. This allows them to rest comfortably knowing the two of you are not openly fighting over them.
  • Improved Communications: When both parties can communicate openly, the session ends with a fair and equitable departure. This means there is nothing more to argue about, and the two of you can move forward with your lives communicating effectively when necessary.

Contact Our Family Law Mediation Attorney in Los Angeles, CA Now

At Harris Family Law Group, our incomparable and experienced Los Angeles family law mediation attorney is here to help you get through this trying time without the anxiety and stress that a courtroom delivers.

When it is time to begin the session, it will just be you, the other party, and Mr. Harris. He will offer a skilled, fair, friendly, and even-keeled approach to mediating all family law concerns so both parties can move forward with their lives with positive solutions in the place of discontent.

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Harris Family Law Group Los Angeles Family Law Mediation FAQS

Mediation in family law cases has shown to be successful in California and can be an effective method for resolving disputes. Mediation allows parties to work together with the help of a neutral third-party mediator to find mutually acceptable solutions. It encourages open communication, cooperation, and creative problem-solving, which can lead to more satisfactory outcomes for both parties. While the success of mediation depends on the willingness of the parties to participate and engage in good faith, it has proven to be a valuable alternative to litigation in many family law cases.

Mediation can be used to address various issues in family law cases, including: child support, child custody, divorce, division of property, and modifications of existing agreements.

In many cases, mediation can be a more cost-effective option compared to traditional litigation in family law. Mediation typically involves fewer court appearances, streamlined processes, and a focus on resolving issues outside of the courtroom. This can result in lower attorney fees and reduced overall costs. However, the cost of mediation can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the issues, the number of mediation sessions required, and the hourly rate of the mediator. It is important to discuss fees and costs with the mediator before starting the process to have a clear understanding of the financial implications.

Once parties reach an agreement through mediation, it is typically formalized into a legally binding contract. However, like any other contract, under certain circumstances, a mediated agreement can be modified or changed. To modify a mediated agreement, both parties usually need to agree to the changes. If the agreement is court-approved and incorporated into a court order, any modifications may need court approval as well. If the circumstances or needs of the parties have significantly changed, they may seek a modification through the court process.

If your ex-spouse or partner refuses to participate in mediation, it can complicate the process of resolving family law issues through mediation. Both parties need to be in agreement in order to go through mediation. You can always discuss the benefits of mediation and go to a consultation together, but it just might need litigation if you can’t get on the same page.

Hiring a mediator who is also a family law attorney can provide you with the benefit of legal guidance and expertise during the mediation process. They can help you understand the legal implications of various decisions and ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Additionally, if any legal issues arise during the mediation, they can provide immediate legal advice.

The number of mediation sessions required for a divorce can vary widely depending on the complexity of the issues, the level of conflict between the parties, and their ability to reach agreements. While it is challenging to provide an exact number, the process usually involves several sessions spread over several weeks or months. Less complex divorce cases can take five sessions, but it is best to speak with your mediator to discuss how long it may take.

While mediation is a great option for many people there are some disadvantages to consider. If you are hiring a family law mediator who is not an attorney you may be missing out on some legal advice that could be necessary if you have more complex issues. There is also not a guarantee of resolution in mediation, while mediation is often times successful it does depend on the specific couple.

To prepare for mediation you will want to make sure you fully understand the issues that are going to be brought up, such as child visitation, property division, and etc. You will want to gather all documents you think you will need to help the process go more smooth. Having your needs spelled out can help you get your points across to get you closer to the outcome you are looking for. It is very important to go in with an open mind, odds are both parties will need to compromise at some point.

Yes, family law mediation can be required by law in Los Angeles, California, and throughout the state. The courts in Los Angeles County often require parties to participate in mediation before proceeding with litigation for certain family law matters. This mainly pertains to child custody disputes.