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In Need Of A Restraining Orders Attorney?

The time-sensitivity of a restraining order or temporary restraining order requires the accompaniment of an experienced Los Angeles restraining orders lawyer on the court date that follows its notification to represent the person who has enforced or received the order.

These orders are short-term responses that result from one party convincing a judge that irreparable harm will be suffered should he or she forgo the short-term injunction. This order is usually enforced for two to three days before the judge requires a court appointment to hear both sides of the argument that resulted in the issuance of the order.

Restraining Order Lawyers in Los Angeles

The Harris Family Law Group can guide you through the court session that subsequently results in its issuance, no matter which side of the restraining order you are on. In our experience, both parties require legal representation to ensure their side of the story is told during the proceedings, so their rights are protected throughout the legal process. Going it alone can lead to severe consequences, even if you believe you did nothing wrong.

Get The Experienced CA Restraining Order Lawyer On Your Side

Our Los Angeles restraining orders lawyer has represented both sides of the court order, assisting individuals who need the protection and those who have been served, because everyone deserves to have their legal rights protected.

No matter which side of the courtroom we will appear on, our Los Angeles restraining orders attorney is committed to providing his legal representation as a partnership. We want to understand the circumstances behind the order completely, which is why we offer free consultations to ensure your case is fully evaluated.

Being prepared when the court date arrives is half the battle, as we will provide you with the best representation possible to either enforce an extended stay of the restraining order or have it lifted where there is no basis for it to exist.

The details of your case matter, which is why our experienced restraining orders attorney in Los Angeles, CA is available to hear your side of the story today, so we can prepare your case and maximize the desirable outcome.

Who Can Apply for a Restraining Order in CA?

At Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles restraining orders attorney has witnessed and represented several parties pursuing their protective rights through the courts using customized approaches to developing results.

Anyone may apply for a restraining order in Los Angeles, CA if he or she can prove irreparable or imminent harm will result otherwise.

There are many legal definitions for the word “harm,” and each is interpreted differently by a judge who is taking the word of only one party in this matter.

That is why a court date is issued quickly thereafter, so the other party can respond to the allegations before the judge.

Irreparable harm can mean:

  • Discrimination
  • Emotional Stress
  • Financial Loss
  • Harassment
  • Physical Bodily Harm
  • Property Damage
  • Rights Infringement (Copyright, Patent & Trademark)
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Stalking

No matter the presented cause, or what the result of the order is, the initial order cannot be appealed by the party served with the notice. That means if you received notice that a restraining order was approved against you, you must abide by the conditions until you can appear in court and tell your side of the story.

The matter must be considered a binding, legal order by the court and cannot be infringed upon in any way. Once the two parties meet in the courtroom, the decision will be made to extend or overrule the judgment.

Los Angeles Restraining Orders Lawyer Jeffrey Harris Will Work Tirelessly for You

As your Los Angeles restraining orders attorney, Mr. Harris will work tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome — no matter which side of the courtroom we are on. Our Los Angeles restraining orders law firm will gather the evidence necessary to either sway the judge’s opinion on the matter, which could include re-enforcing the restraining order for an extended period or even strengthening it to include additional details if the initial request did not stop the other person from staying away from the victim.

It could also mean that we develop the necessary evidence to have the restraining order dropped, so our client – the one who has been ordered to remain away – can resume their normal activities without worrying about the legal consequences outlined in the restraining order.

No matter your restraining order needs, we can help. Call us to schedule a free consultation with our experienced Los Angeles restraining orders lawyer today.

Restraining Order Attorney Los Angeles

Experienced Restraining Orders Attorney Protecting Your Rights in Los Angeles, California

Mr. Harris is an exceptional Los Angeles restraining orders attorney who is committed to protecting your rights. There are only two stances in these cases, and we effectively represent both as a result of our experience in this legal field.

  • The Issuer: If you feel as if you are in imminent danger physically, emotionally, or financially, Mr. Harris will present your initial concerns to the court to obtain a restraining order on your behalf. We will also accompany you to court to ensure that the matter is handled professionally and fairly by the courts, so your rights are not infringed upon at any point during the proceedings. Los Angeles restraining orders lawyer will fight to have the order extended in a lengthier version of similar order and help protect you from the harm that would irreparably damage your existence otherwise.
  • The Recipient: If you have received a restraining order that requires you to suspend your current course of action, whether it is staying away from the person who issued it, or stopping your unfair competition practices in a business sense, we will advise you of your rights in getting the order lifted in court. You have a right to defend yourself from the allegations placed against you, and our experienced Los Angeles restraining orders attorney wants to help you enforce those rights fully.

Our CA Family Law Attorney Also Focuses on the Following Practice Areas:

Contact Our Los Angeles Restraining Orders Attorneys for a Free Consultation Today

If you need a restraining orders attorney in Los Angeles to help protect you from the physical, emotional, or financial damage from another or if you need an attorney to accompany you in response to a restraining order that was served, contact the Harris Family Law Group today at 310-745-8644 for help proving your case before a judge.

Our Los Angeles restraining order group operates on flat-rate legal fees, so you know exactly how much our representation is and never have to worry about billable hours or extended fees when we take your case.

Frequently Asked Questions For Our Restraining Orders Attorney In Los Angeles

When applying for a restraining order in Los Angeles, list only the necessary details of your request in your statement, beginning with the incident that led you to this decision. State exactly who the person is, what he or she did or said that brought you to this decision. Be specific about what happened, including whether you were injured, threatened, or stalked, and exactly when the incident — explaining all incidents if there were more than one — occurred.

Several forms of domestic violence may require the pursuit of a restraining order to ensure the person who is being victimized by another can remain safe until he or she appears before a judge. They can include physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, or economic abuse.

Restraining orders differ depending on the specific pattern of abuse, but some examples of what restraining orders can enforce include prohibiting another person from contacting you, requiring another to move out of your home, mandating that a person keep a certain distance from you at all times, or awarding sole custody of children. Each restraining order is different and so are the circumstances that lead to its enforcement. Contact our experienced Los Angeles restraining orders attorney for more information about your unique case.

The law enforcement official will deliver the temporary restraining order details to the respondent, which will include the court hearing date where he or she will have the opportunity to respond to the injunction. This process is called serving the order or service of process.

Generally, there are three main types of restraining orders: emergency protective orders (EPOs), temporary restraining orders (TROs), and permanent restraining orders. There are also domestic violence restraining orders, civil harassment restraining orders, workplace violence restraining orders, and elder or dependent adult abuse restraining orders.

In Los Angeles and throughout California, restraining orders can vary in duration depending on the type and circumstances. Typically emergency protective orders are shorter and are for 5-7 days. Temporary restraining orders are typically around 20-25 days in length. Permanent restraining orders typically last for 3 years, the longest you can get one for is up to 5 years.

If the person you need a restraining order against lives with you, you can still seek a restraining order. In such cases, you may consider obtaining a domestic violence restraining order or a civil harassment restraining order, depending on the nature of your relationship and the circumstances. Restraining orders can include orders for the restrained person to stay away from you, move out of the shared residence, and have no contact with you.

Extending a restraining order need to follow a couple steps. You will want to confirm the specific type of restraining order you have, and gather as much evidence to support the need for an extension. You will also want to speak with your attorney to figure out the necessary forms you will need to fill out to file the request with the court. You will then need to serve the person and attend the hearing. If the judge agrees to extend the restraining order they will give you the new duration of your restraining order.

To obtain a restraining order in Los Angeles, you will typically need to provide evidence that supports your claim of harassment, abuse, or a credible threat of harm. While specific evidence requirements may vary depending on the circumstances and the type of restraining order you are seeking, common types of evidence include: written documentation of threats or abusive behavior, photographs and videos related to the incident, the police reports, any witness statements, and medical records from any injuries related to violence.

Yes, the person you are getting the restraining order against can file an appeal if they believe there are legal grounds to challenge the order. After a restraining order is issued, the restrained person has the right to request a hearing to contest the order or seek its modification. This hearing provides an opportunity for the restrained person to present their arguments and evidence to challenge or change the terms of the restraining order.

Yes, a minor can obtain a restraining order in California. Minors who are victims of harassment, abuse, or threats can seek protection through a restraining order. However, depending on the minor’s age, they may need the assistance of a parent, guardian, or a trusted adult to help them with the process, including filing the necessary paperwork and representing their interests in court.