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In Need Of A Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement Attorney?

Entering into a Los Angeles same-sex/gay prenuptial agreement extends the boundaries of equality in the great state of California. In this regard, the Los Angeles same-sex/gay prenuptial agreement attorney at the Harris Family Law Group is overjoyed to guide individuals through this monumental approach to civil rights.

As our Los Angeles, Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement attorney has explained to traditionally engaged couples for years, this binding contract is a protective measure allowing for the input of both people involved. It does not represent an all or nothing approach to marriage and divorce. The contents of a Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement can help protect both parties from losing all they have worked so hard to acquire throughout the years.

This is a very exciting time for same-sex couples everywhere, and with the preservation of their rights in Los Angeles comes the simple things that all married couples confront including combining assets, bank accounts, and families. Our compassionate and experienced Los Angeles same-sex/gay prenuptial agreement lawyer wants to help make this transition as seamless and personal as possible.

Our CA Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Providing Free Consultations

Providing free consultations to all couples who plan to marry, and want to keep their finances protected at their own discretion, our Los Angeles Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer works hard to understand the extent of you as a person, not just your finances. Although the financial standing of the contract is an important component, there are other aspects of your life that are equally worth protecting, including family or business interests. We can help you wade through the contents of this important contractual obligation so that it is presented professionally and accurately for both of your signatures.

What is a Same-Sex/Gay Prenup in CA?

Our Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in Los Angeles explains this agreement just as it sounds: a written contract between same-sex couples who are entering matrimonial bliss for the sake of protecting their financial and private interests in the event of a divorce.

As the laws catch up to include our same-sex friends and family members, it is important to our lawyers that their rights are represented in a legal capacity that allows them to operate just as the rest of the world does. In California, same-sex couples are permitted to marry freely, which means they can also divorce freely just as easily. When this happens, it is important that their interests are protected through the composition of a Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreement in Los Angeles, CA.

Our Los Angeles Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement attorney has extended experience in this particular category of prenuptial agreements, allowing our law firm to stand apart from those in the same community. We have been advocates of same-sex couples for decades, and are happy to help transition this exciting time in history into a reality for everyone.

Same Sex Prenuptial Agreement

The components of a Los Angeles Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement are the same as a traditional prenuptial agreement and can contain extenuating clauses as the couple sees fit. The most common components of these agreements include:

  • Children from Previous Marriages/Relationships and Adoptions
  • Distribution of Combined Wealth
  • Division of Property & Assets
  • Protecting Partnerships & Business Interests
  • Protection of Inheritance & Family Money
  • Spousal Support

No matter what you are trying to protect or share, our attorney will craft a specific and personalized Los Angeles Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement for your approval and protection.

Los Angeles Combining Lives and Loves

As a supporter of the LGBT community, our Los Angeles Gay Prenuptial Agreement Attorney is committed to defending the rights of everyone who wishes to marry. Once they make that determination, it is up to our lawyer to explain the complexities of combining assets, debts, and personal interests as a result.

We take a committed approach to helping couples weather the storm of adversity, and with our personal approach to representation we can help you develop a binding Same-Sex/Gay Prenuptial Agreement, no matter how simple or complex you would like the result to be.

Our Los Angeles Family Law Firm Also Focuses on the Following Practice Areas:

Contact Our Same-Sex/Gay Prenup Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

If you are planning to enter a marriage with a same-sex partner, it is important to understand that the ramifications of a divorce, in the event that one should occur, are the same as they would be for everyone else. It is important to protect your livelihood while constructing a legally binding document that you and your spouse will both sign as binding.

Contact our Same-Sex/Gay Prenup attorney at the Harris Family Law Group in Los Angeles today at 310-745-8644 to find out how we can help you draw up this paperwork effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions for Same Sex Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

Can you file for a same-sex prenuptial agreement without an attorney?

While it is technically possible to draft a prenuptial agreement without an attorney, it is highly advisable to consult with an attorney, especially when dealing with legal documents as important as a prenuptial agreement. Prenuptial agreements involve complex legal considerations, and an attorney can provide valuable guidance, ensure that the agreement complies with the applicable laws, and help protect your rights and interests.

What are the differences in a same-sex prenuptial agreement and an opposite sex prenuptial agreement?

From a legal perspective, there are generally no inherent differences between a same-sex prenuptial agreement and an opposite-sex prenuptial agreement. Both types of agreements serve the same purpose: to establish the rights and obligations of the parties involved in the event of a divorce or separation.

Can any Los Angeles family law handle a same-sex prenuptial agreement?

Yes, any competent family law attorney in Los Angeles should be able to handle a same-sex prenuptial agreement. Family law attorneys are familiar with the legal requirements and considerations involved in prenuptial agreements, and they can provide the necessary guidance and assistance. Consulting with a family law attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in handling same-sex prenuptial agreements will give you confidence in navigating the legal process and creating an agreement that meets your specific needs and goals.

What can’t be included in a same-sex prenuptial agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are flexible and customizable but not everything will be held up in court. For example you can’t put anything regarding child custody and child support that will be determined during a divorce to know what the best interest of the child will be. You also can’t put personal matters such as household chore division, or any matter that violates the law.

When should you talk to your partner about getting a prenuptial agreement?

It is recommended to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about a prenuptial agreement well in advance of your wedding or marriage ceremony. Ideally, you should begin discussing the topic as soon as you start considering marriage or have a reasonable expectation of marriage. This also allows you to have time to gather all the necessary assets you want to put into the agreement and time for the attorney to draft it.

How long does it take to draft up a same-sex prenuptial agreement?

The timeline for drafting a same-sex prenuptial agreement can vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of the agreement, the level of negotiation required, and the responsiveness of the parties involved. On average, it may take several weeks to a few months to draft a comprehensive prenuptial agreement. This timeframe allows for meaningful discussions, consultations with attorneys, and the necessary revisions and reviews.

How do you ensure your same-sex prenuptial agreement will hold up in a Los Angeles court?

To ensure your same-sex prenuptial agreement will hold up in court, you will want to make sure you fully disclose all your financials including assets, debts, liabilities, income, and expenses. You will also need to prove that your agreement was signed by both parties voluntarily. It is also important to only have fair and conscionable terms in the agreement.

If neither of us have any assets is it still worth talking to a Los Angeles same-sex prenuptial agreement lawyer?

Even if you and your partner currently have no significant assets, it can still be beneficial to consult with a Los Angeles same-sex prenuptial agreement lawyer. Prenuptial agreements serve multiple purposes beyond asset division, such as addressing potential spousal support, debts, and financial expectations during the marriage.

Are there any downsides to getting a same-sex prenuptial agreement?

While same-sex prenuptial agreements can provide numerous benefits, it’s important to be aware of potential downsides as well. Some possible downsides may include putting a strain on your relationship, sometimes a prenuptial agreement is a sensitive subject.

Do you have to get married in a certain time frame after your same-sex prenuptial agreement has been drafted?

In California, there is no specific time frame that mandates when you must get married after a prenuptial agreement has been drafted. However, it’s generally recommended to execute the prenuptial agreement before the wedding or marriage ceremony takes place. This ensures that the agreement is in effect and enforceable from the start of the marital relationship.

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