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How Talking to a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney Can Eliminate the Fear of the Unknown

Posted on October 15th, 2021

How Talking to an LA Divorce Attorney Can Eliminate the Fear of the Unknown

At the Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles family law attorney knows how terrifying the idea of divorce can be to any couple, no matter the length of their marriage, or the reasons they are dissolving it.

Even though we all know someone who has been divorced, it is important to understand that each California divorce is unique, and requires a clear assessment with an experienced Los Angeles divorce attorney, so the stress and the anxiety of the unknown do not overwhelm your ability to make informed decisions about your future.

Our skilled Los Angeles County divorce lawyers provide a customized approach to ensuring all your questions are answered, so you can move forward with confidence.

Getting to the Bottom of the Unknown During a California Divorce

Divorce comes in many forms, including those that are precipitated by circumstances like adultery or another form of dishonesty and those that have been coming for quite some time, as couples grow apart.

No matter the reason you are considering divorce even if you are the only one who knows about it thus far talking to a skilled Los Angeles divorce attorney can help answer your most pressing questions, so you can start planning an exit strategy.

Typically, the most important factor for most people exploring divorce options is their finances.

Do you have a clear understanding of your marriage’s financial situation?

Is there a prenuptial agreement in place?

Do you currently have access to shared funds?

Do you have your personal financial accounts?

How will you divide your assets and debts?

Are you eligible for spousal support?

Will you be the one who is paying spousal support?

We can help you realistically outline your financial status, so there are no surprises when you decide to move forward.

Are You Worried About Child Custody and Child Support Disputes?

Many couples spend more time remaining married than they may have wanted when they have children because the thought of changing your kids’ lives can be too much to consider.

We understand.

Determining how the children will split their time between each parent’s home will be dictated by their ages and physical and emotional needs. That will then determine which parent will pay child support and how much.

Talking with an experienced divorce attorney will allow you to ask questions, outline your circumstances, and help eliminate the unknown.

Contact Our Dedicated Divorce Attorneys in Los Angles, California Today

If you are considering divorce, but do not know where to start, contact our dedicated Los Angeles divorce attorneys at the Harris Family Law Firm today at 310-745-8644 for a free case evaluation. We will provide the answers you need to achieve the best results for your unique case, so you can start anew.

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