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The Pros & Cons of Using Technology During California Divorces

Posted on July 1st, 2022

Our Los Angeles family law attorney at the Harris Family Law Group knows that divorce is difficult for everyone. There are multiple responsibilities and time management requirements that can quickly become overwhelming.

The good news is, technology can help soon-to-be-ex-spouses coordinate their divorce journey, so they can finalize their agreements once the waiting period in California is over.

Here are some of the pros and cons of taking the technological route.

The Pros of Using Technology During a California Divorce

One of the best reasons to use technology during a divorce is to keep everyone on the same schedule. Shared calendars can help keep important dates, and appointments, and manage the kids’ schedules.

They can also help individuals and families maintain checklists and communicate through direct messages, so everyone is on the same page. This is especially important when couples have a hard time communicating in person or over the phone, electronic communication can help keep things civil.

What’s more, apps and computer programs can also help both parties keep reliable records that are important to the divorce proceedings, including spending reports and financial statements.

The Negative Side of Technology During a California Divorce

Depending on why you are using technology to help ease your divorce journey, technology can be used to distance yourself from your soon-to-be-ex, which may not be a bad thing. However, if it is keeping you both from proceeding with the divorce, it may be more crutch than support.

The other potentially negative factor of using technology during a divorce is that everything that happens within the platform may be recorded or screenshot for use against you during the divorce.

No matter how you plan to use technology during your divorce, make sure it is productive. If talks, comments, or other communication becomes negative or abusive, it is time to find a new approach.

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