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What Can You Do to Prepare for a Divorce?

Posted on February 1st, 2023

Going through a divorce can be a challenging and overwhelming experience for all parties involved, especially if you live in California, where the divorce process can be complex and time-consuming. However, with proper preparation and support, you can have a smooth transition and achieve a favorable outcome. Understanding the divorce process can help minimize stress and ensure a brighter future for you and your loved ones. This article discusses several helpful tips to prepare for a divorce in California, from gathering financial information to seeking legal advice and everything in between.

Tip 1: Ensure That You Meet California Divorce Residency Requirement

According to California Family Code section 2320, the California divorce residency requirement states that one of the spouses must have resided in California for a minimum of six months and at least three months in the county where they are filing for divorce. The divorce residency requirement applies to both contested and uncontested divorce cases. In case you are considering divorce in California, making sure you meet the residency requirement before filing your divorce papers is crucial.

Tip 2: Gather Financial Information

When preparing for a divorce, gather all your financial information, such as all sources of income, expenses, assets, and liabilities. Make a list of all your financial accounts, including bank accounts, retirement accounts, credit cards, all loans, and real property that you co-own with your soon-to-be ex. Your attorney and the court will use this information to determine the distribution of assets and debts during the divorce process.

Tip 3: Consider Custody of Children

Another tip is to document your involvement with your children before the custody hearing in a divorce case. It is essential to note which parent spends more time with the children, who takes them to school, and appointments such as dental visits. Making a note of the activities with your children can be a helpful reference when preparing custody documents and potentially testifying in court about your relationship with your children.

Tip 4: Seek Legal Advice

As you prepare for a divorce, it is advisable to seek legal advice from a qualified divorce attorney. A divorce lawyer in Los Angeles can explain your rights and options based on California law and help you understand the divorce process. They can advise you on the best approach to your situation and help you negotiate a fair settlement agreement with your spouse.

Tip 5: Consider Alternative Dispute Resolution

In California, many divorce cases are resolved through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. Mediation is an interactive process where a neutral third party facilitates communication between you and your spouse to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. This method can be less time-consuming and more affordable than a trial in court and often leads to a more favorable outcome for you and your spouse.

Tip 6: Take Action to Separate Your Life From Your Spouse

Separating your life from your spouse’s during a divorce can be challenging, but taking steps to protect your interests and make the process as smooth as possible is essential. To do this, start by opening separate bank accounts, reviewing your joint bank accounts, and determining how they will be closed or divided during the divorce. Consider renting an apartment or staying with a friend to help you and your spouse transition into separate lives. In addition, creating a budget for your finances and sticking to it can help you avoid financial difficulties during the divorce.

Tip 7: Create a Support System

Finally, creating a support system for yourself can help you cope with the divorce. A support system can be through friends, family, or a therapist. A robust support system can help you get through the emotional stress of the divorce and provide you with a sounding board as you make crucial decisions.

Contact Our Qualified Los Angeles Divorce Attorney Today

The divorce process can be challenging and emotional for all involved. Contact the qualified Los Angeles family law attorney at the Harris Family Law Group. We can ensure that you understand the divorce process and are prepared for each step. We can also increase your chances of a successful divorce outcome and reduce the stress and uncertainty associated with the process.