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How Can I Reduce My Legal Fees During a California Divorce?

Posted on October 15th, 2022

At the Harris Family Law Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys know that ending your marriage comes with expenses you may have not seen coming. First, both spouses will quickly learn that living apart means two complete sets of living expenses, which can take a toll on how far their incomes will go.

Next comes the expense of hiring a family law attorney in Los Angeles California to ensure your rights are protected from the beginning.

It is no secret that the quicker you can get through your divorce, the less it will cost. That means effectively limiting your legal fees and overall expenses by settling your differences outside the courtroom.

We can help.

Make Informed Decisions About What is Important

Multiple factors must be decided during a divorce, including asset and debt division, child custody and child support issues, and spousal support, where each applies to your divorce.

When you can determine each of these details in private, or during mediation, it can save you an extensive amount of money in the long run.

The best approach is to manage the details you can agree on first, and quickly get them out of the way, so you can focus on the bigger picture, which is often child custody, parenting plans, and how the kids will be supported financially.

Keep Your Emotions in Check and Focus on Finalizing Your Divorce Agreement

When considering the cost of divorce, consider this: Each time you fight with your spouse, or allow your emotions to drive your decision making, you are delaying the inevitable — and it is going to cost you more money.

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys know divorce is deeply personal. We understand that it impacts your personal and professional life in ways you never imagined. However, understanding the legal standards for divorce can help you make informed decisions, so you are not fighting over things that simply are not applicable from a legal standpoint.

Focus on finalizing the agreement, so you can move forward with your new life with confidence.

Partner with a Divorce Attorney Who Uses a Flat Fee Billing System

At the Harris Family Group, our Los Angeles County divorce attorneys collaborate with clients using flat fees, instead of billable hours, which allows you to plan your expenditures upfront, so you can have confidence in your financial future.

Learn more about how we can help expedite your divorce proceedings by providing the straightforward legal advice you deserve from your Los Angeles divorce attorney by scheduling a free consultation today by calling (310) 745-8644.

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