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What are the Most Common Mistakes Made During a Divorce?

Posted on December 1st, 2023

Divorce is quite common in the United States. While many individuals get through this process smoothly, others unintentionally complicate and prolong their divorce proceedings. In this blog post, we aim to explore the most prevalent mistakes associated with divorce and offer guidance on avoiding them.

Common Mistakes Made During a Divorce

Dragging Out the Process

One big mistake in divorces is making it last longer just to get back at your ex. Unfortunately, this usually hurts both sides and makes everything way more drawn-out than necessary. It is essential to know that divorcing will not magically fix everything, and trying to hurt your ex will likely hurt you in the end.

If you are upset, talk to your ex or ask your lawyer for advice on what to do next. Divorce is already hard, so it is best not to make it even tougher than it has to be. Stick to open communication and sensible choices for a smoother and less stressful divorce process.

Take the Other Person at Their Word

Even if your ex is the nicest person around, it is not wise to let them handle all the divorce decisions. They may suggest it is simpler if they have primary custody on paper, but assure you that you can see the kids whenever. Do not fall for that. It is better to go for legally enforceable joint custody. Or they might claim their lawyer worked out a fair settlement, so you do not need an attorney? That could be a trap. It is safer to assume the settlement favors them. This is a time to look out for yourself and be your advocate.

Dating During Divorce

Avoiding dating during divorce is crucial, as it has the potential to complicate and lengthen the process. Getting involved romantically can create tension between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse and make it harder to settle. If you are not emotionally prepared for a new relationship, it is better to concentrate on yourself and the legal aspects of your divorce.

Taking this time for self-reflection allows emotional healing and facilitates a smoother transition into the next chapter of your life. It also communicates to your ex that you are moving forward and not seeking reconciliation. When you decide to re-enter the dating scene, take it slow and be discerning in your choices. This approach ensures that your new relationship is healthy and stands a better chance of lasting.

Giving Up Too Much

Divorce is undeniably stressful, but resist the urge to give too much in your quest for a speedy settlement. The compromises made in the heat of the moment can have lasting effects on your finances and your connection with your children. It is important to establish clear boundaries on what you are willing to negotiate beforehand to ensure a more thoughtful and strategic approach to the divorce process. Decisions made in haste can have long-term consequences, so taking a measured stance is key.

Refusing to Negotiate

A big slip-up in divorces is saying no to negotiations. This can make things expensive and take a lot of time in court. It is important to know that talking things out is always an option, no matter how tough the divorce seems. When both sides are ready to talk and cooperate, they often find a solution without needing to involve a judge.

But if one person will not talk or tries to push the other around, the divorce gets tougher. In the end, it is usually better for everyone to try and agree on things instead of leaving it to a judge. Finding common ground is often the smoother path compared to letting a judge decide what happens.

Making Big Financial Decisions

Divorce can feel like a chance for a new beginning, but it is not the right moment to make major purchases or commitments. While splurging on new cars, townhomes, or vacations might provide temporary relief, it could also burden you with unexpected bills. It is wise to get through the divorce process first, assess your financial situation, and then decide whether significant purchases are a good idea. So, take a step back, focus on the divorce proceedings, and make informed financial decisions.

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